• Beautiful buildings, well-maintained surroundings and beautiful scenery – you will find all this in the Pakėvis manor!

• You can arrange a big banquet, celebration or event

• We will offer you rooms for overnight or relaxation

• The fisherman's house is a new log house-sauna for small gatherings

• You will be able to go fishing, take a boat ride, cook a fish or simply relax on the foot-bridge.

Central Building

Centriniai rūmai

Pakėvis manor stands in a very picturesque landscape surrounded by forests and ponds. There is a path going along the trees that have a long history, and has survived in the territory for a very long time. According to the plans of heritage protection officers, a lot of plants were planted in a large space - invigorating rosaries invite you to enjoy breathtaking views and scents. Ponds that surround the manor from north-east and south-west are full of fish: trouts, carps, sturgeons.

The manor has three halls of different sizes, each of which is beautiful in its own way, and invites you to stop, think about time and fragility of life. Old photographs with individual elements of the manor and former owners remain. Old fireplace, now refurbished and decorated with new tiles, could tell many stories.

We invite you to stop by, have a chat, taste the tea made of herbs grown in the manor garden, dive into memories...

Guest house


Guest house is located next to the central building. Here you can have a big banquet in the hall, which can accommodate up to 80 people. There is a sauna with showers, 5 rooms, which can accommodate 20 people. There is plenty of space for walks and photo sessions in the backyard.

Fisherman's house

Žvejo namelis

A bit further from the manor, near the pond, there is a fisherman's house. It is a new log house-sauna for small gatherings. Sauna, shower, small kitchen, living room and 2 rooms will accommodate from 8 to 12 people. If you want to relax in nature with loved ones or have a celebration, we suggest you come here. You can go fishing, take a boat ride, cook a fish or just lie on the foot-bridge and look at clouds...